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Join one of the EOSC Association Task Forces

Join one of the EOSC Association Task Forces

| Sara Di Giorgio | News
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Call for applications now open

It is possible to apply until Friday 30 July to join one of the EOSC Association Task Forces that will offer support on specific topics to the EOSC-A Advisory Groups: AAI Architecture, Data Stewardship Curricula and Career Paths, Defining Funding Models for EOSC, FAIR Metrics and Data Quality, Infrastructure for Quality Research Software, Long-term Data Preservation, PID Policy and Implementation, Research Careers, Recognition and Credit, Researcher Engagement and Adoption, Rules of Participation Compliance Monitoring, Semantic Interoperability, Technical Interoperability of Data and Services, Upskilling Countries to Engage in EOSC.

The charter of each Task Force can be consulted online to find out the objectives and activities that will take place from September 2021 to August 2023.

To learn more and to apply look at the web site.