The Task Force EOSC Competence Centre

The Task Force EOSC Competence Centre - Italy aims at creating a national competence hub which, thanks to a federated cloud infrastructure, may offer services and resources for the coordination of the competences in the universities, research institutes and infrastructures connected to the centre. This with the aim of becoming a reference model within the European strategy.

The project acknowledges the competences present within ICDI and the opportunity to exploit and enhance them in a single already existing network. ICDI will thus set up the first EOSC national competence centre in Italy and among the first in Europe, which will bring added value to:

  • a network of experts (such as disciplinary, domain or legal);
  • possibility of collecting and disseminating best practice, also through links to the activities of its members and associates;
  • possibility to exploit consolidated international relations to promote the results achieved at the Italian level and vice versa, thus enhancing national activity at the European level;
  • ability to build a collection of knowledge base resources on the example of FAIRsFAIR;
  • ability to organise "hands on" activities and pre-ordered environments for courses or sandboxes;
  • dissemination of skills related to FAIR data and open science through the organisation of courses on Open Science and the inclusion of new curricula thanks to the close relationship with universities;
  • increasing the participation and presence of physical and non-physical Research Infrastructures with FAIR Data Management skills;
  • promote access to shared resources in research workflows;
  • Open Science CNR portal, to be launched soon and conceived as a sort of one-stop shop with a catalogue of resources accessible online (from official documents to training and information resources);
  • the possibility to display information on statistical trends provided by OpenAIRE.

EOSC-Pillar and the Italian chapters of the Cluster projects could act as an incubator and be the starting point for developing the Competence Centre.


In this first phase of planning the national Competence Centre, the following activities were identified:

  • mapping of competences, materials and services within ICDI;
  • design of the structure;
  • definition of a minimum set of activities and tools to be implemented in the short term;
  • identification of a possible model for long-term sustainability;
  • identification of ways to involve other existing bodies and initiatives, with a view to coordination at national level;
  • public communication of the discussion/establishment of a national CC in the EOSC context.

The Competence Center organises a series of webinars called 'Open Science Café' to discuss Open Science topics with acknowledged experts in an informal way.

See the list of scheduled webinars