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Reforming research evaluation: where do we stand?

Reforming research evaluation: where do we stand?

| Sara Di Giorgio | News
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10 March 2022 Open Science Café with Francesca Di Donato and Emma Lazzeri

The European Commission has launched a process in 2021 that will lead to an agreement to reform research evaluation, to be launched in the summer of this year. The Commission has also asked organisations to express their interest in being part of a coalition on research evaluation reform. The call for interest has now been signed by more than 260 organisations.

The coalition will bring together funding bodies, research institutions, national/regional evaluation authorities or agencies, as well as associations of these organisations and scientific societies, all committed to reforming the current research evaluation system. We will discuss this process with Francesca Di Donato representing CNR in the core group supporting the team that is drafting the agreement and will help clarify the path that is being mapped out in Europe.

Who will speak

Emma Lazzeri works for the GARR Consortium on the definition of strategies, tools, training and information on open science issues. Emma coordinates the ICDI (Italian Computing and Data Infrastructure) Task Force for the National Competence Centre for Open Science, FAIR and EOSC. She is part of several international boards related to EOSC and Open Science and collaborates in both national and European projects and initiatives.

Francesca Di Donato is a researcher at the Institute of Computational Linguistics "A. Zampolli" of the CNR. Francesca deals with scientific communication, open science and research evaluation and represents CNR in the core group that supports the team of experts that is drafting the agreement for the reform of research evaluation within the process initiated and supported by the European Commission. Francesca is part of the ICDI Competence Centre on Open Science, FAIR and EOSC, and coordinates the Task Force on Research careers, recognition and credit of the EOSC Association and is involved in several other European initiatives and projects on open science.

Target audience

The webinar is designed for the Italian community and is aimed at researchers, research support staff, technicians, technologists interested in learning more about the international debate on research assessment, and the European Commission's Open Science strategy.

The webinar is in Italian language.

We look forward to seeing you!

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