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A checklist on IPR and data protection

A checklist on IPR and data protection

| Sara Di Giorgio | News
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An important result of the European project EOSC Pillar

When preparing a research proposal, as well as when it comes to its implementation and the following review, researchers need to address a range of issues related to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and data protection. Sometimes it is difficult to establish a clear routine and identify the specific steps that need to be taken in the different phases of this process.

The EOSC-Pillar team working on the policy and legal framework for the coordination of national initiatives created a document providing a guideline in the form of checklists to help researchers comply with the legal requirements of publishing, sharing and integrating research data.

The checklist focusses in particular on the challenges raised by intellectual property rights, data protection laws, and regulations on non-personal data. The purpose of the guideline is to promote the implementation of FAIR principles beyond their original scope, and to lay down the conditions for the effective realisation of Open Data and Open Science policies.

The guidelines are valid for all EU member states. For a more in-depth explanation and background material please refer to the latest version of the Legal and Policy Framework and Federation Blueprint report.

There are two versions of the checklist available for researchers:

  • A digital version with interactive checkboxes that can be ticked off as you progress through the phases.
  • A printable version which also features some extra pages for your notes.